Add QuickBooks operations to the scheduler via Store Manager

You can schedule any operations in QuickBooks via Store Manager scheduled tasks form. Go to Addons section of Store Manager where you can find [Show scheduled tasks]:

The form which appears below contains already existing tasks which are previously scheduled and provides an ability to create the new record to the schedule planner. Press the button to add from the top toolbar and choose necessary operation in QuickBooks drop-down list in the 'Task type' field.

If you have already saved the configuration of an action you want to add, just choose the operation and the task configuration name will be displayed automatically. Otherwise, you have to run the operation for the first time, click on the button to launch the Quickbooks wizard and passing the steps of operation you are going to schedule.

Configure the period for automated execution by filling the fields in the Schedule form (start and time period, an interval of repetition) .

Click on the [OK] button to save your configuration.

With a built-in scheduler of Store Manager, you are able to perform import products from QuickBooks and other operations in the addon as often as you need, saving your time and avoiding manual work.